All computer courses can be taken as individual modules or as Course Bundles.
Depending on the Microsoft Office Course, Bundles are broken into:
  1. Core Essentials or Foundations Course Bundles
  2. Advanced Essentials or Intermediate Course Bundles
  3. Expert Course Bundles.

Each online Computer Course contains the following:
  1. Optional AUDIO assisted Learning enabling you to listen and read the course content.
  2. Table of Contents and Introductory Page - this page provides sample files, with downloading and sample instructions.
  3. Step By Step exercises: At the end of each module you are asked to complete a guided exercise reviewing the concepts of each lesson.
  4. Skills Sharpeners: You are also given an optional freeform exercise designed to you thinking and working on your own.
  5. Review Questions: Each module has review questions covering the information covered.This is a great way to check what you have learnt and areas you may need to review prior to moving onto the next module.
  6. Easy Instructor assistance
  7. You can move around module from lesson to lesson using the Index Page.

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