Team Building


Teams are an important building block of successful organizations. Is your team motivated? Do you work well together to solve problems and get things done? Do you have a process for managing issues? This course can help you say “Yes!” to all of those questions and build a better team.

Conflict Resolution - Dealing with Difficult People

We can get into a routine where it feels like everyone we speak with is eithr having a bad day, or we are having a bad day ourselves. We feel like we constantly meet people who seem to be inconsiderate, stubborn, incorrigible, indecent, miserable, or passive-aggressive.  Sometimes we can be equally awkward ourselves.  While it might seem that the easiest remedy is to lock yourself up at home and avoid people, we eventually have to pick up the phone or step outside and interact with someone.

Success comes from understanding how we behave, as well as how we can influence others.  If difficult interactions are necessary, and we approach those conversations with a plan, we will find that we have less difficult people to deal with.  More often than not, we will also have more meaningful and significant conversations.  

In this course, you will learn how to turn difficult situations into opportunities for growth.

Conflict Resolution - Getting Along in the Workplace

Many people see conflict as a negative experience.  In fact, conflict is a necessary part of our personal growth and development.  Conflict becomes an issue when the people involved cannot work through it.  The become engaged in a battle that does not result in growth.  When this type of conflict arises, negative energy can result, causing hurt feelings and damaged relationships.  

This course will give you the tools that will help you resolve conflict successfully and produce a win-win outcome.

Your success as a manager is heavily influenced by how well your team operates and what kind of results they achieve. This course will give you some ways to develop a high-performing team and get the results you’re looking for.
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