Short Courses Online have been designed to assist you to learn new ideas and skills that will enhance your professional and personal development.

They are succinct and to the point, and designed for new knowledge to be implemented straight away.  Unlike accredited training which are lengthy and quite often costly, ShortCoursesOnline are loaded with content, with new and different ideas that will enhance your skills and implement into your life immediately.  They are an effective and affordable way to Reskill, Reinvent and Remaster your career path.
Reinvent, Re Skill, Remaster is the 3 R’s of Short Courses Online learning objectives. Firstly identifying what you need to know to improve and reinvent yourself – who you want to become – then learning the new skill and using it in your day to day life which leads to remaster – take control of your future.

All Short Courses Online Soft Skills courses have been grouped into learning paths. This enables you to identify relevant areas of study, easily find courses related to that area, and ensure that prerequisites have been met before learning begins. To view these learning paths using the Short Courses Online, simply use the categories feature.
Bundles are designed to give you an array of courses that compliment the learning path of choice at substantial discounts.  For example;  There are four Courses in the Internet Marketing Bundle which are normally $99 to $249 each.  Purchasing all four courses as a BUNDLE allows you to save around 40% at just $399 - this is only $99 per course.
Short Courses Online learning structure:
Most Soft Skill Courses come with AUDIO Assisted learning enabling you to read and listen to the course content.  They are all mobile device compatible and are broken down into sessions that include course overview, learning objective, pre-assignment, and pre-course assessments.  Personal Action plans are provided to assist in applying what is learnt.  Additional reading lists are also provided to further enhance your learning on the subject and a downloadable, printable Certificate of Completion.
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