Q: Is this an accredited course?
A: Short Courses Online courses are very comprehensive and succinct to the topic with a downloadable and printable Certificate of Completion. course content is informative, immediately and easily to implemented into you professional and personal life. 

Q: Can I just take a single module I need to learn in the Computer Courses
A: Yes, all computer courses can be purchased by single module or in Course Bundles.  

Q: I cant download the exercise file for the computer courses.
A: Courses may provide downloadable files, such as Word documents or PDFs. Appropriate software may need to be installed on a student's workstation before these types of files can be viewed.  You are required to have the same software as you are studying.  i.e. Word 2013

Q: I have purchased the incorrect Course.
A: Please contact our support staff on info@learningcourses.com.au. Provided you have not commenced the course, we will be able to allocate the correct course of corresponding value.
Q: How long do I have to complete a course.
A: All Short Courses Online have estimated completion times. You will have unlimited access to your course for up to 3 months.

Q: I want to enrol in more than one course.
A: Computer Courses already come in Bundles with massive savings. Some Softskill Courses are also Bundled together however if you want a particular set of courses that are not available as a bundle, please contact us at info@learningonline.com.

Q: I am a company and want my staff to undertake your courses.
A: Please contact us on info@learningcourses.com.au. All courses are available at Corporate Rates and can be tailored to your requirements. You are also able to monitor progress of your staff throughout their learning.

Q: Do you deliver any of the courses in a face to face, facilitated learning environment.

A: Yes, many of our Courses are available for face to face delivery by experienced facilitators. Please email us on: info@learningcourses.com.au.

Q: How can I go back to previous questions and review.
A: Use the Table of Contents TAB to move forward and back to any part of our course.

Q: How to I enable/disable AUDIO assisted learning.

A: You can enable or disable the AUDIO at the bottom of your screen similar to doing the same on your mobile device for courses that support Audio content.

Q: Do I get a Certificate of Completion
A: Yes, once you have completed the Course, you can automatically download your certificate, save it to file and print it as desired.

Q: What if I don’t like the course or find it is not cover what I thought it would?
A: Please contact support@learningcourses.com.au – provided you have NOT completed more than 25% the course we will discuss options with you as per our Terms and Conditions. You may be given the opportunity to transfer into another course of same value.
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